Monday, June 25, 2012

Unimpressive email #2

This email was sent on May 16, 2012

In an address yesterday on the House Floor, Utah Representative Rob Bishop passionately fought for states rights and railed against Federal intrusion into our local schools.  Two Utah schools have been fined a combined total of $35,000 for simply leaving their vending machines plugged in during lunch time.

I agree with Rob when he said. We should allow local schools and parents to decide what's available for lunch and leave the Feds out of it (see his full statement here).

This issue has a direct impact on my own business.  While I agree childhood obesity is a serious issue, I for one am tired of the Fed. continually impeding on our rights as citizens to make our own decisions.
Additionally, these vending proceeds were being used to fund school music and debate programs.  Those local school officials should be applauded, not punished, for finding creative ways to fund programs that are often first on the chopping blocks.

As your representative in the State House, I will fight federal intrusion into our personal lives whenever I can.  Enough is enough.


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